Indoor Bouldering!

There’s no photographic proof that we did this today, but it’s official. We met friends at L.A. Boulders who are seriously legit boulder-ers (is that a word?) to give it a try.

Early bird (prior to 3pm – my kind of early bird) pricing is $15 per person and we rented shoes for $4 each. Apparently the shoes are supposed to push your toes up and feel 2 sizes too small –  check.

Courses, called puzzles, are color coded and rated from 0-8 (10, 11 something ridiculous) and for many of the routes, you end up on the top of these boulder structures and come down via a series of foot holds, like a ladder.

Super fun! I found my white whale quickly and will obviously have to return as many times as it takes to master this particular one. Easy ones were pretty easy, but the scale seems exponential in nature. I think Dan completed one 3 and we both worked really hard on a tall 2, and finally hit the Finish rock. I may have slightly sprained my right ankle when I fell (into what’s basically like a moon bounce floor); I’m sure tomorrow at my gym will make that quite clear.

It was clean, air conditioned, and quite large inside with lockers in the restrooms, cubbies for shoes, and a small gym area with treadmills, rowing machines and free weights. I believe they also offer yoga and other conditioning classes.

Photo credit: LA Boulders – https://touchstoneclimbing.com/la-boulders/tour/

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