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October 2015

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    Becoming a Runner

    Everyone says they can’t run. It’s a universal truth. About 8% of those people are correct – the rest, including myself, my husband, and myriad friends can learn how to run.

    My husband decided it was time to start running many years ago – 1999, if I’m remembering correctly. He started by walking on the treadmill and then moved fast enough to turn the walk into a run; he lost 20 pounds over the next few months and has kept running as his regular activity ever since. He also owns a dog walking company here in downtown LA so he walks 6-8 miles every day. Between walking and a few runs a week, he has stayed a skinny mini ever since.

    As a non-athlete growing up, skinny but weak, running seemed like a good way to start exercising. We lived on a nice park in Baltimore and had a Doberman at the time who was a great runner so we set off in the evenings for “family” runs. Holy smokes, was it horrible. Our dobie was way too fast, obsessed with squirrels, and dog aggressive and I was pathetically slow, out of breath, and heavy legged. I promptly declared, “I can’t run” and was ready to move onto something else. Dan told me he thought he couldn’t run, that his lungs hurt, and his legs felt leaden when he started and basically that I should buck up and keep trying.

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