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In search of the Griffith Park Teahouse

In search of the Griffith Park Treehouse, Hollywood Sign

It was a fool’s errand, anyway! The teahouse has been moved out of Griffith Park, but when my friend Jenny suggested the hike, she didn’t know that. Spring is here in Los Angeles and the tourists were out in full force at the Observatory.

Those in the know park off of Fern Dell, north of Franklin and walk up the wide path to the Observatory and beyond. Those in the half-know, like us, park in the right place and then choose a narrow, flower-choked path straight up the mountain. Flowering bushes, hungry and diligent bees, loose and sandy soil, and an agile but small dog were our company. An occasional metal bar – note to self, find out what the heck those are – and aptly fallen tree appeared when needed, as if by magic and 20 minutes later we found ourselves just south of the Observatory parking lot. On the wrong side of a fence. With a benchload of tourists staring agape at the two oddball women and a dog who had just appeared from the steep side of a cliff. A large and sturdy palm situated about 12 inches from the fence gave me support as I used my gym-purchased muscles to hoist myself over the fence. The dog followed with a “WTF” look on his sweet mug, and then Jenny worked her way over as well. We literally brushed ourselves off, nodded to the tourists, and entered the Observatory parking lot just like everyone else, but with a better story, dirtier legs, and a shared smile.

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