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Aging – wrinkles and inspiration by Keith Richards

Keith Richards’ Under the Influence was released by Netflix on September 18th of last year. I’m not a big Stones fan, and have never really understood the allure of wrinkly rockers of a certain age, but I happened upon a trailer for the documentary. This quote brought tears to my eyes.

“Life’s a funny thing. No one wants to get old but no one wants to die young, either.”

– Keith Richards

40 is a strange age to be – I’m resisting the pull, and even the title of, middle-age, while also wondering where all the years went! This summer marks 18 years since my college graduation; my favorite professor who so proudly introduced his infant to me on that day just wished her a joyous 18th birthday on Facebook. Some of my employees weren’t alive when I met my husband.

With age – even this age – comes the experience of having lost people or seeing others suffer. Our grandparents are gone, our friends have lost parents, some parents have lost children. Life finds a way to remind you that there is a ticking clock for each of us. Some people die too young, some last longer than they even imagined or desired, in the case of some illnesses.

I used to tell myself that, if I couldn’t make a big change, I’d do it in my next life. Each year that passes serves as a reminder that there is no next life – there’s only now and that fear or security are but fleeting elements in the story of my being.

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