I don’t have words expressive enough to convey how much I love this band. From playing Star on repeat at Sam Goody Music in the Columbia Mall in 1992/93 to bonding with my husband over King in 1995 to starting every road trip together for 20+ years with Puberty to finally seeing them live 2 years ago in LA when they reunited.

Belly released a new album earlier this year that, while listenable of course, didn’t grab my soul like the other two did. Enter another two-night stint at our favorite, walkable (!) venue, Teragram Ballroom. I needed to hear and see and experience this new album live for it to stick and I’ve had Dove on repeat basically ever since Thursday.

Cliché as it may be, being in the presence of someone living their creative dreams fills me with emotions. I’m honored to be in the same space, to be physiologically changed by the experience, to close my eyes, and move my body, and be a part of a shared moment with strangers.


Current lyrics that are giving me the feels:

Oh human child
Your face to the wind, your back to the sun
Oh human child
You’re digging up bones and miss all the fun

When I paint this day I’m gonna bathe you in light

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