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  • San Gorgonio Peak
    Exercise LA

    Six Pack of Peaks!

    The Six Pack of Peaks are a series of increasingly higher and harder peaks in southern California. Starting with Mount Wilson, known for its Observatory and ending with San Gorgonio, the highest peak in…

  • Exercise Lifestyle

    Becoming a Runner

    Everyone says they can’t run. It’s a universal truth. About 8% of those people are correct – the rest, including myself, my husband, and myriad friends can learn how to run. My husband decided…

  • LA Boulders - picture from

    Indoor Bouldering!

    There’s no photographic proof that we did this today, but it’s official. We met friends at L.A. Boulders who are seriously legit boulder-ers (is that a word?) to give it a try. Early bird (prior…